Choosing the right garage door opener can make all the difference in the operability of your garage door. By choosing an opener with the right level of power, lift, and speed, you may finally experience the convenience and ease of use you always wanted in your garage door.

Most garage doors in America are equipped with Automatic Garage Door Openers.  We love the convenience, efficency and safety that they provide.  With proper regular maintenance, inspection and care, automatic garage door openers are usually very reliable, safe and functional.   As with any mechanical device, sometimes things happen that can cause problems, resulting in the need for garage door opener installation or service.  Doors get closed down on unforgiving items, things get caught up in the track and cable systems, vehicles run into the door or it could just be a wear and tear problem or a maintenance issue.  Any of these can cause problems with the automatic garage door opener system. Typical garage door opener problems vary in their cause: * Stripped out gears * Defective circuit boards * Electrical issues * Broken chain links * Worn, loose, jammed or frozen parts * Bent or misaligned rails * Lack of proper lubrication or adjustment Please feel very confident that Garage Door LLC will be able to properly assess and installation of any garage door opener issue that can be installed.  Our expert garage door installation technicians have vast experience and are leaders in their field.  We offer great value, rapid response, warrantied work and top notch customer service.  Our service trucks are fully stocked and most installations are completed on the first call. 

Modern safety features such as auto reverse to prevent crushing of pets, children, and other vehicles provide additional peace of mind. Some sophisticated garage door systems have keypads that can be installed outside the garage door and used when the remote loses battery power or to provide keyless access to kids or neighbors. The Genie garage door opener and the Lift Master garage door opener lead the industry in features to make your garage door system both safe and secure.

We install and service Residential & Commercial garage door openers of most brands, including Craftsman, Genie, and Liftmaster. Residential Garage Doors Openers including: Screw drive, Belt drive, Chain drive, Direct drive and Commercial Garage Doors Openers including: Trolley, Jackshaft, Hoist and Slide.
Garage Door LLC, we take pride in our skilled and experienced installations, repairs, and service for your garage door openers and remotes. Our technicians are equipped with the parts necessary to ensure that your broken garage door opener, remote transmitter, garage door springs or cables can be quickly and easily repaired. Protect your home and its occupants ensuring that your garage door opener and remote are functioning smoothly today.